I can not install or operated an application/game in Genymotion Desktop


Utilizing ARM translation tools and/or EdXposed/Xposed structure isn’t formally supported: if confirmed program or games however does not operated, or if Genymotion doesn’t manage precisely, we are going to not give any technical support. Do so at your own danger.

When you get the following issue:

  • The program will not are available in Bing Play Store
  • Bing Enjoy Store says «Your product isn’t compatible with this type»
  • Your just be sure to publish an APK document, but it doesn’t do just about anything or you get an error information » INCOMPATIBLE_ABI «

After that, the application you should download is probably only available for ARM or it cannot run in a rooted tool.

1. The program or online game is readily available for supply

Genymotion Desktop digital product structure try x86 (32 bits) best. You should employ a x86 variation of your own application or install supply interpretation apparatus.


Genymotion Desktop will not support applications for arm64/arm-v8, despite having supply interpretation libraries. Observe to perform applications for arm64/aarch64 (arm-v8)?

For appropriate reasons, we simply cannot create any supply translation resources nor links to them. But you need to be able to find all of them online.

For step-by-step training, please consider Applications for supply.


If you’d like to install the application or online game from Google Play Store, you need to download the supply translation equipment before installing the OpenGApps plan.Please observe that there are no ARM interpretation equipment for Android os 10 for now.

2. the program or games detects root

Genymotion desktop computer digital systems were grounded (find out how to unroot a Genymotion digital device?) and a few solutions and video games will detect they and decline to put in and manage. They’ll not are available in Google Play Store or it is going to claim that «Your device isn’t compatible with this variation», even with supply interpretation equipment put in.

In this situation, it will not be possible to set up it from Enjoy shop, but in some cases it might be feasible to install they with an APK document and cover root from this.

To do this, you can consider the annotated following:

  1. Install an APK for x86 from the games or program. If there are not any x86 variants, you will need to install supply translation gear in advance (discover solutions for supply).
  2. Drag’n fall the APK document to the digital unit display. This will download and then try to operated the program.
  3. Follow the guidance from strategies for Xposed/Edxposed to disguise underlying access from an application? (Genymotion Desktop) to full cover up root towards appliction.

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