Short term installment loans are a definite way to borrow a quantity of cash

What exactly are Short Term Installment Loans?

Short term installment loans are ways to borrow a quantity of cash and repay it in a space that is short of. This contrasts along with other kinds of borrowing, such as for instance mortgages and auto loans, that are removed for bigger levels of cash which you typically pay off over many years.

You may find you have limited acce to loans from some high street lenders or banks if you have a le than perfect credit history. With Satsuma, we glance at more than simply your credit rating when it comes to you for the term that is short, meaning you could remain accepted despite having le than favourable credit.

Why choose Satsuma?

We could help if you’re looking for a short term loan but have limited acce to credit from banks and other high street lenders. At Satsuma, you can borrow between ?100 and ?1,000 and repay over a length between 3 to one year if authorized.

We usually do not charge charges for mied or belated repayments, you simply repay that which you agree upfront. But, we nevertheless charge mortgage from the cash you borrow. It is additionally worth noting that Satsuma are a definite lender that is high-interest so please simply simply simply take this into account before using for a loan with us.

We are able to tell you whether you’re apt to be accepted for a term that is short, without leaving a difficult footprint on your own credit history.

With Satsuma you’ll find down if you’re qualified before using. Even though you have past reputation for bad credit, you’ll get an eligibility choice within one minute. You’re not obliged to simply simply take down that loan and there won’t be accurate documentation from it on the credit report.

When you do choose to use a short while later nonetheless, in that case your application will need a complete credit check.

To check on, fill down this form and we’ll give you an immediate decision, susceptible to affordability.

Check just before use

Provide us with a details that are few you’ll find away in 60 moments if you’re probably be accepted

Protect your credit rating

Regardless of the total outcome, it’s not going to impact your credit history unle you determine to use

Finish a full application

Then run a full credit check which will leave a mark on your credit file if you choose to apply, we’ll

Are Satsuma a primary loan provider?

Satsuma is an immediate loan provider , this means we spend the agreed loan amount straight into your account, then manage it right until the final payment. Nevertheless, we do on event usage agents too.

What’s the difference between short term installment loans and pay day loans?

Even though they are able to seem comparable, there are numerous differences when considering short term installment loans and pay day loans.

Unlike payday advances, which should be paid back in one single swelling amount within 2-3 weeks of taking out fully the mortgage, repayments on a Satsuma temporary loan may be produced in regular or month-to-month instalments, during a period of between 3 to one year.

If you mi a payment on an online payday loan or move it over for an extra thirty days, you will be charged yet another cost or have increased interest added on to your repayments. You’ll not spend any extra costs for a Satsuma short-term loan, just what’s agreed upfront.

Nonetheless, once we pointed out early in the day, we have been a high interest loan provider which means that our interest levels are a lot more than old-fashioned high-street loan providers. Something that should be thought about very very carefully if you’re thinking about a Satsuma loan.

Can a short-term loan be great for my credit score?

The theory is that, any Somerset payday loan centers loan you are taking away – a term that is short or otherwise – may have a direct impact in your credit score. You manage your repayments whether it has a positive or negative impact depends upon how.

In the event that you spend your loan straight back beneath the terms consented whenever you took it down, making your entire repayments on time, it will help to enhance your credit history. If, having said that, you may be belated with re payments or mi them totally, this may damage your credit score.

You should also consider how these are managed if you have other lines of credit open. Then this will have a detrimental impact on your credit rating if payments are mied elsewhere.

Nevertheless, you will find exceptions to think about: then having this on your credit history could potentially count against you if a particular company sees short term (or payday) loans negatively.



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