Traditional Barbed Wire Generally referred to as cable produced before 1925.

Antique Barbed Wire Society a team of people committed to collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting the historical heritage of barbed cable and associated items, and enlisting interest and help for the on-going company in to the next century.

Appraisal To look for the value of barbed wire, planter wire, fencing tools, and wire related products by the piece that is individual collection.

papers will include a list that is individual of, a value guide – where applicable, and information regarding any necessary IRS types.

Barb Applier Hand device utilized to arm fence strands with barbs on usually older wire that is smooth.

Barbed Wire/Barbwire Strands or ribbons of wire with connected barbs being utilized as fencing for the intended purpose of containment and/or to avoid trespass.

Barbed Wire Association a combined group or organization of barbed cable collectors.

Barbed Wire Club a combined group or organization of barbed cable enthusiasts.

Barbed Wire Show Where groups of enthusiasts and dealers that are antique to produce their collections to purchase, sell, and trade cable and related items.

Concertina Wire Masses of army cable strung out to produce obstacles.

Cut The accepted dimension for collection wire that is barbed an 18” piece with the barbs being equal distance from each end. Specimens should not be lower than 18”. Due to the options that come with some pieces it may be essential to cut a longer size.

Entanglement Wire Masses of military cable strung down to produce barriers.

Fence Post Set within the ground to provide straight support for cable fencing and can be lumber, plastic, steel, concrete or other materials.

Fence Tool Implement utilized to aid in building fence, splicing wire, cutting cable, and other operations in fence building.

Fence Tops A attractive decoration that is at the top of a stay or post.

Freak Wire Occurred whenever quality control was absent during the cable factory and had been frequently due to worn shears, dies, equipment malfunctions, when making splices.

“Go Withs” Pin backs, wire canes, medals, coins, tokens, paper products, page openers, fence posts, stays, fence tops, staples, planter cable, tools, stamps depicting barbed cable, books, and barbed cable liniment bottles/tins are some examples of “go withs” that boost the barbed wire pastime.

Horse Wire Any barbless wire used for fencing that is intended never to harm horses

Humane Wire cables with shorter, movable, or less vicious barbs so livestock wouldn’t be injured.

Irregular Wire Wire with factory errors such as for example additional barbs, poorly created barbs, or line wire variants.

Length The accepted dimension for collection barbed wire is an 18” piece with all the barbs being equal distance from each end. Specimens must not be significantly less than 18”. Because of the features of some pieces it might be essential to cut an extended length.

Army Wire Vicious barbed wire with extraordinary impaling features designed to restrain, include, and inflict disabling harm on opposing troops.

Moonshine Wire Patented wire made without permission or permit associated with patent owner. Also any wire produced that was never ever patented.

Net Wire The benefit of this sort of fencing is always to get a grip on smaller game, animals, and birds. Ranged in height from a few ins to significantly more than six legs.

Ornamental Wire a cable without barbs that is of some ornate form. It’s utilized around cemeteries or special areas.

Patent A monopoly provided by the U.S. Patent Office to an individual for his/her innovation. Within the early 1800s the patent life was 14 years. It absolutely was later on extended to 17 years, while it is 20 years from the date of application today.

Planter Wire A generic term utilized to explain all forms and materials of check-row, check-lines, and their relevant knots. The accepted size for collection planter wire can be an piece that is 18 the knot being equal distance from end associated with the wire.

Punch Press Continuous steel band with different designs stamped out. Employed for decorative fencing and stays.

Rare Tool something is recognized as uncommon when it is incredibly hard to get as a result of restricted supply.

Rare Wire a cable is considered uncommon if it is exceedingly difficult to get due to restricted supply.

Re-Issue Patent a version that is later of patent where ownership are assigned to others, or the writing is expanded, or numbers are clarified, or a component is divided for exclusive coverage. The extent of this re-issue patent is for whatever time stays associated with the patent that is original. The patent that is original surrendered.

Right Hand Twist Barbed cable strands or barbs twisted in a clockwise direction.

Sheet Metal Barbs/Wire Barbs or cable stamped out of metal rather than being continuous rolled.

Shorty Wires A short piece of wire that is usually 4 Ѕ” long and exhibited in shorty collections.

Signal Plate A means of wire fencing developed to create a fence more visually noticeable to livestock. Often known as a caution dish.

Splice A joining of two bits of cable. May be either factory made or field made.

Staples Nails, clips, or wire utilized to secure fence wire to posts.

Stretcher Fence device developed to stretch and tighten up wire whenever building or fixing a fence.

Super Show The Super Show was founded to help keep the hobby of collecting wire, wire tools, as well as other relevant things viable also to enable continued fellowship among all enthusiasts. The Super Show was intended to gather collectors that ordinarily only attend one show a year.

Tags Metal plates mounted on new rolls of wire that provide the manufacturers name plus other information.

“The Barbed Wire Collector” The worldwide publication for the barbed wire gathering hobby, since 1983.

The Symposium a gathering of people of all wire associations and interested people to discuss a few ideas, arrived at a consensus of views, and publish tips and recommendations for preserving and promoting the gathering of barbed cable, cable tools, and items that are related. Held in October of each and every year.

Tightener a technical unit put at a post or within the fence strands to twist or wind the cable to tension that is original. These devices is left in place within the fence.

Top Runner Wire the strand that is top of cable fence.

Value Guides The accepted cost list for barbed cable, planter wire, fencing tools, staples, and fence posts/tops.

Variations A partial modification or deviation through the initial patent.

Warning Plate a way of cable fencing developed to make a fence more noticeable to livestock. Sometimes known as a signal dish.

Water Gap Wire Used as the utmost effective wire stretching across a tiny gully or arroyo. The lower portion of the fence may wash out after a heavy rain or flood. The fence can be easily re-constructed then towards the water space wire.

Wire Gauge a tool that steps the size of a cross-section of round wire – The accepted American Standard Wire Gauge makes use of Washburn and Moen specs from 1833.


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