We’d a whole lot, great deal, large amount of farming to accomplish weekend that is last to your undeniable fact that it is often raining each and every day for nearly two months, as well as the ground has simply been t dirty to plant.

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Rain, Rain Disappear Completely!

It’s this that our radar has appeared to be for the past 8 weeks. Haha!

Actually, I am ready for the rain to be over! Just What has been frightening is to start to see the effect that this rain has already established on my next-d r neighbors, who’re the real farmers. They will have 400-500 acres awaiting planting, but just can’t do just about anything because their land is drenched. Their plants are certainly their livelih d, so that It are interesting to observe this late planting impacts meals rates and f d supply later in 2010.

So….I think it’s finally gone away. Now on the farming. When I have actually said, Linus has wanted to go ALL organic. This isn’t as simple as it seems. The land that we had our neighbor June ‘tractor up’ has since grown a lot of weeds to start with, because of the rain. So, final week-end, we attempted to RE-DIG up the yard and get the weeds up ahead of the planting. We bought a little hand-held tiller that we utilized to put some organic fertilizer and soil mineralizer in to the ground. All went well here, except for the fact we about broke our backs b/c yes, this really is work that is back-breaking. Nonetheless, we finally created our garden mounds (see picture) then, bought some pine bark to lay in the paths…and that is walking Squash, zucchini, onio ns, tomatoes, broccoli, basil and lettuce all planted – all from seeds, and all natural. NO GMO’s here! Now, we water and wait

Oh, yes and I also forgot to mention the tornadoes. I believe we have had at least 20 tornado warnings within the past month. We have been fortunate to have stayed away from major harm, nevertheless we did have this big tree down. Another project to add to the list!

My Wish ‘A Big Green Tractor’

Some girls wish for diamonds. Other people for fancy cars. All we desire right now is really a tractor. Is that way t much to ask?

Why… because we now have 1,500 square legs of grass and therefore are trying to begin this garden. And it is kicking our butts!

But, we plow ahead. (No pun intended.) Because it is a garden that is new our company is having to tear up all this grass. It is not easy and we are carrying it out by hand. As Linus states, “we need machinery.” A tractor has been wanted by me since purchasing the farm, but I did son’t really understand significance of it. Therefore, I held down. Well, no SEE the NEED for a TRACTOR!

Yes, i’m deeply in love with a man. And their name is John Deere.

Or, I’ll just take this adorable one…a small pink Farmall.

Alas, this weekend, develop to SUBSEQUENTLY have the seedlings into the ground – by hand, without the coveted big green machine. We have to till the soil first, which we will do once I am during the farm mid-week. We have been including soil mineralizer plus an fertilizer that is organic the soil. He told me that Kentucky soil tends to be very clay-like when I t k my soil sample to the guy at the organic farming store. Thus, the soil improvements.

Anyhow, beyond the farming desires and tractor dreams, the past 2 or 3 weekends during the farm happen definitely breathtaking. The elements happens to be near to perfect! Ideally, the fantastic Kentucky Spring will result in a great – and fruitful – summer time! Listed below are our neighbors that are next-d r the weather.

Planning the Garden

Here’s our garden – we now have a complete lot of work to complete! We are planting an approx. 1,200 sq ft. Garden and it is a complete large amount of work. Linus has convinced me personally to accomplish a garden that is organic. Therefore, right here we go!

Within the weekend, we’d our neighbor, June, tear the ground up together with his tractor. Now we are in the process of having the lawn up and from the yard. Our company is carrying this out by hand and it’s also backbreaking! We woke up this morning needing lots of ibuprofen monday.

We tested the soil this also with a little $4.99 soil testing kit weekend. I’m not 100% g d on what every one of the results suggest, but apparently our soil is high alkaline. So, I have to allow it to be more that is acidic I must try this naturally! Tomorrow, i’m maneuvering to a nearby organic farming store to obtain some advice – soil samples at your fingertips, of course.

In terms of vegetables, we’ve started some very early people (yes, from organic seeds -no Monsanto right here!) in peet pellets inside. The broccoli is throwing butt, however the cauliflower and okra are using their time. Linus encourages the small guys with supportive words such as “come on little sprouts, spread the love.”

I came across this interesting article on once we can finally go the tiny sprouts to the garden. I’ve been a hesitant that is little the current weather was significantly less than predictable recently. However it l ks it s n like we can do. More veggies to come – our company is simply planning to get one of these lot of different things come july 1st to see what works the greatest. It will be an adventure!

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